A few sample images are shown below in the slider (click on View Image to view larger sizes)

I have settled on the rustic timber moulding for most of my work. It seems to go well with the "landscape" nature of most of my pictures and would suit most homes.

The other mouldings in stock include a relatively narrow (20mm) black moulding with the inside and outside edges with a bevel that has silver applied. To me it gives the images a big lift compare to just a plain black moulding. I have a similar width white and a wider white moulding but haven't used these as much.

As you can see, there may be one or two mat boards present. I do the cut-outs by hand and the overlap is about 6-8mm. The example below uses an "American Red" as the lower mat behind a warm white, or plain white mat.

Sample Frames E
















Narrow Black / Silver Moulding
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Sample Rustic Timber Frame
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Landscape - Single Mat
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Portrait Double Mat
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Lower mat is American Red, timber frame moulding
Sample White Top Mat
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