Events & Exhibitions

News Items such as some past and planned exhibitions, competitions, awards and planned photographic trips and photoshoots.

A summary of the various exhibitions and competitions follows:


  • Oatley Uniting Church Art and Craft Exhibition (link)


  • Oatley Uniting Church Art and Craft Exhibition (link)
  • Solo exhibition at Studio Altenberg, Braidwood NSW (link)
  • Genius Printing Photographic Competition (link)
  • Epson International Pano Awards 2012 (link)


  • Solo Exhibition with Braidwood Regional Arts Group June 2013 (link)
  • Myrtleford Festival 2013 Photo Exhibition and Competition (link)
  • Oatley West Art and Craft Exhibition (link)
  • BRAG Exhibition April 2013


  • Myrtleford Festival 2014 Photo Exhibition and Competition
  • Oatley West Art and Craft Exhibition (link)
  • BRAG 2014 "Wood" Exhibition (link)
  • National Portrait Awards 2014 (link)
  • 2014 International Landscape Photographer of the Year (link)

In October 2016, a number of Braidwood Artisans will be exhibiting their work at The Braidwood Artisan Gallery, 183 Wallace St, Braidwood

As well as the "Cards4Guys" series and the "Braidwood" cards, quite a few of the framed photographs will be exhibited and available for sale at very reasonable prices.

I participated in these Exhibitions in 2011, 2012 and 2013 entering three or four different framed images in each year.

The exhibitions had run for 40 years but the church found it difficult to have new people volunteer to organize the event.

For 2011 the images exhibited were:

  • In the Wake
  • High Country Sunrise
  • Monga Mist
  • Rock Crushing Machine

For 2012 the images exhibited were:

  • Mossy Trunks Errinundra Rainforest
  • Bare Island Study (1)
  • Rock Pools Bare Island

For 2013 the images exhibited were:

  • Scribbly Gums Oatley Park
  • Lime Kiln Bay Wetlands
  • Trees in Memorial Park, Mortdale

Some of these are illustrated in the following slider.

The Perfect Wake
View Image
Sunrise over Blue Rag Range
View Image
Old Growth East Gippsland
View Image
Tear along the dotted line La Perouse
View Image
Bridge to Bare Island, La Perouse
View Image
Gold mining equipment
Stamping (Crushing) Machine near Kiandra
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For the 2014 event, I submitted the following five pictures.

Patterns on a Gum Tree
View Image
Lime Kiln Bay Wetlands
View Image
Bush Fires along Blue Rag Firetrail
View Image
Early Morning from Blue Rag Trig
View Image
Craigs Hut and Mt Cobbler - Victoria
View Image

The Oatley West Art and Craft Exhibition and Show is a major local event and some very talented artists are invited to submit work.

I submitted five pieces for the 2013 Exhibition and the following two photographs were sold.

Lime Kiln Wetlands pan04

The Lime Kiln Bay Wetlands is located within a kilometre of the exhibition. This image was the result of stitching four portrait images together. It was displayed as a print on stretched canvas.

Vert Sand Patterns 01 TL

The three images were taken at Bawley Point - the top and bottom images show the effect of receding waves on the beach whilst the central image shows the trails from shell fish through a layer of sand in a rock pool.