I participated in these Exhibitions in 2011, 2012 and 2013 entering three or four different framed images in each year.

The exhibitions had run for 40 years but the church found it difficult to have new people volunteer to organize the event.

For 2011 the images exhibited were:

  • In the Wake
  • High Country Sunrise
  • Monga Mist
  • Rock Crushing Machine

For 2012 the images exhibited were:

  • Mossy Trunks Errinundra Rainforest
  • Bare Island Study (1)
  • Rock Pools Bare Island

For 2013 the images exhibited were:

  • Scribbly Gums Oatley Park
  • Lime Kiln Bay Wetlands
  • Trees in Memorial Park, Mortdale

Some of these are illustrated in the following slider.

The Perfect Wake
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Sunrise over Blue Rag Range
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Old Growth East Gippsland
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Tear along the dotted line La Perouse
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Bridge to Bare Island, La Perouse
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Gold mining equipment
Stamping (Crushing) Machine near Kiandra
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