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News Items such as some past and planned exhibitions, competitions, awards and planned photographic trips and photoshoots.

In 2014, Braidwood celebrated its 175th Anniversary of being officially established.

Braidwood is also the first town to be listed on the NSW State Heritage Register.

Some websites of interest include:

I prepared a collage of images depicting Braidwood township buildings and scenes from the district.
It was presented to the Bendigo Bank in Braidwood in appreciation for their continued support given to most community activities.

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Bendigo Bank


I held a solo exhibition in Braidwood for BRAG - the Braidwood Regional Arts Group.

2013 Brag 33

On display were quite a few new Triptychs containing three images in a common theme.
The formats included three landscape images arranged under each other to give a final "portrait" picture.
Alternatively, three portrait images were arranged to be side by side giving a resultant landscape picture.

All these (or copies) are for sale.

Triptych_Alpacas A
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Triptych_Bare Island A
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Triptych Gundagai Bridges A
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Triptych Gundagai Bridges B
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Triptych Guys Hut A
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Triptych Monga NP A
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Triptych Monga NP B
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Triptych Outback Pillars A
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Triptcyh Rock Pools La Perouse A
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Triptcyh Scribbly Gums A
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Triptcyh Sydney at Night A
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Triptcyh Vintage Car Grills A
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Triptcyh Garrat Loco Details A
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Triptcyh Old Machinery A
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Triptcyh Abandoned Machines A
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Triptcyh Outback Australia B
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Triptcyh Coloured Rocks A
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Triptcyh Sydney at Night B
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Triptcyh Mountain Streams A
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There were other single framed photographs, unframed prints along with the range of greeting cards.

The Braidwood Regional Arts Group held a mixed exhibition in October 2014. The theme was wood and included finely crafted items of furniture, abstract sculptures as well as a recently completed clinker built rowing boat.

My contribution was in the form of photographs - framed and unframed - depicting trees and the use of timber in structures such as the heritage listed road and rail bridges at Gundagai.

One of the images contributed was one that I entered into the 2014 International Landscape Photographs of the Year. It was selected as one of the top 101 photos and was printed in a special book.

Unframed or framed copies of this image are available from FineArtAmerica or if in Australia, from myself.

The image shows part of the extensive fire from February 2013 when it burnt across the Blue Rag Ridge Firetrail.

PWK 7935

A number of timber / wood related images were displayed including the following triptychs:

Hor Gundagai Railbridge01 TP

Hor Gundagai Railbridge02 TP

Hor Guys Hut 01 TP

Hor Scribbly Gums 01 TP