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January 2015: Approximately 120 images are available.

This image was captured at Bombo, near Kiama on the NSW south coast during a period of heavy swells in January 2015.

This "heart in the wave" was produced from the meeting of two waves - a reflected wave travelling out to sea after crashing onto a rocky cliff face, and an incoming wave. The result was a very localized steep wave which in this case also displayed a heart.

Perhaps it will become my Valentines Card?

Heart in Wave

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I have organized the images into a number of galleries (albums)

Fine Art America offers a worldwide service of providing various sizes of prints or can also print, mount and frame any of the images. Options exist for ordering stretched canvas, acrylic blocks or even greeting cards.

At present there are 9 galleries with 120 images for sale. The current galleries are:

  1. Scribbly Gums
  2. Rock Pool Art
  3. Rain Forest Monga NP
  4. Outback Australia - The Red Centre
  5. Heritage Bridges
  6. Art in Nature
  7. Backgrounds, Textures and Patterns
  8. Birds and Animals
  9. Panoramas

The following shows an image from each.


The unique natural artwork represented by the scribbles on the surface of some species of Eucalyptus trees is the result of the scribbly gum moth larvae boring or eating a meandering tunnel through the bark of the eucalyptus tree. Thicker lines are produced when the maturing larvae has turned around and eats up the highly nutritious cells generated by the tree. The growing caterpillar leaves the tree to form a cocoon near the base of the tree. Not long afterwards, the bark cracks off to expose the artistic scribbles. Over time the colour of the freshly exposed trunk fades. Often after rain more intense colours are displayed. Most images are from the bush in and near Sydney, Australia
Scribbly Gums Gallery
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Small to large rock pools formed between low and high tide levels provide an abundance of natural art in the form of different geometric formations and colours. Some house small shells and a variety of algae. All pictures in this gallery are digital photographs taken along the coast of New South Wales from Sydney southwards.
Rock Pool Art
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Rain forests are now considered essential to be preserved as opposed to being logged for timber. Rain forests are home to a wide variety of plant and animal species and are often the dwindling habitats. These images are mainly from a few temperate rain forests in New South Wales and Victoria, Australia. Trickling streams with headwaters high in the mountains wind their way through tree ferns under dense foliage. The Mongarlowe River is one example which starts in the Monga National Park about 15 kms east of Braidwood on the edge of the Great Dividing Range located on the eastern edge of Australia.
Rain Forests Monga NP
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Photographic landscape images from the heart of Australia
Outback Australia - The Red Centre
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I have an interest in engineering structures having taught Structural Engineering at Universities in Australia and Canada prior to taking up photography in retirement. In Australia, my focus has been the old timber bridges used to cross many small creeks and rivers. Perhaps the best known large scale timber bridges are in Gundagai, New South Wales. There was the earlier Prince Albert road bridge built in 1867 and the latter rail bridge built in 1903. Both bridges are nearly a kilometre in length and were built to cross the wide flood plains of the Murrumbidgee River on the outskirts of Gundagai. Both bridges used steel and iron trusses to span the main channel of the river. The rail bridge was the longest bridge in Australia until the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1932.
Heritage Bridges
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Nature scenes that to me have an artistic standard.
Art in Nature
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This Gallery contains a range of images that I have selected as potential backgrounds, textures or patterns
Backgrounds Textures and Patterns
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Images mainly of Australian Birds and Animals.
Birds and Animals
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Images with an aspect ratio of two or more. Bush, Rain forest and Coastal landscapes normally.
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