The second batch of greeting cards were all in colour and are a real mix. Taken to get away from cards that had "bottles of wine or golf clubs" as several people have described what was available for men.

The first card shows some old kerosene lamps used in the days of the steam trains and were found at the heritage train station at Gundagai.

The second showing a nice saddle was taken at the Braidwood Rodeo. Many rural folk are keen on horses and horses are critical for graziers to carry out their work.

Another passions for men is cars - vintage, modern and performance cars - and many car clubs exist with a keen following. This card shows the dash of a 1924 Rolls Royce.

Part of my childhood days were spent with small timber boats - here is a collection moored outside the Wooden Boat School south of Hobart.

A suitable choice to give to your male friends, husband, your special man, bloke, guy or son.

For details of the other groups of cards, click on the links below:

Located in the old Gundagai Railway Station, now preserved as a museum by local enthusiasts, these are a variety of oil and kerosene lamps used by station and train staff. Now home to a few spiders.
C4G-012 Collection of old railway lamps, Gundagai
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Rodeos are a way of life throughout rural Australia with many participants moving from one rodeo town to another. Some custom made saddles stand out in the crowd. Braidwood NSW
C4G-013 Custom made saddle
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Classic vintage cars are a passion for many as this exquisite dashboard from a 1920s Rolls Royce shows.
C4G-014 Rolls Royce Dashboard
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A collection of traditional wooden clinker built rowing boats outside the Wooden Boat Centre on the Huon River at Franklin, Tasmania.
C4G-015 Clinker built rowing boats
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