This batch (5) of four new cards are in a larger size (170 x 120mm compared to 148x102mm for Batches one to four). This larger size follows feedback from a number of stockists.

This batch features:

  • A vintage car driven by a local identity with his best mate as the back seat driver.
  • Two similar large steam locos
  • The powerful and articulated Garratt steam engine
  • The Governor General Carriage

Three of these cards are images taken at Trainworks in Thirlmere, NSW

A suitable choice to give to your male friends, husband, your special man, bloke, guy or son.

For details of earlier groups of cards, click on the links below:

“OK to turn now!” “The best back seat driver I’ve ever had!” Colour picture Olympus C760UZ, f4.5, 1/500s, 51mm focal length, ISO 64. 2006
C4G-024 Best Mates
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Steam locomotives 5595 (2-8-0) constructed by Clyde Eng. in 1912 is a hybrid design of American and British engines. It was in use until the 1960s and is the sole remaining D-55 class. The 5910 (2-8-2) was built in 1952 by Baldwin. It is a heavier and longer engine which caused some trouble fitting on turntables. Trainworks Thirlmere. Nikon D300 f3.8, 1/40 sec, ISO 1000, 39mm focal length equiv. 2012
C4G-028 NSWGR - Steam Locomotives 5595 and 5910
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This Garratt steam engine 6040 (4-8-4 + 4-8-4) was the last steam loco to enter service in 1957 before diesel engines took over. The massive tractive effort of these engines was important for goods trains in NSW. Withdrawn in 1967. Built by Beyer Peacock in Manchester, UK. Train Works Thirlmere. Nikon D300, f5.6, 1/40 sec, ISO 1000, 51mm focal length equiv. 2012
C4G-026 The Powerful Articulated Garratt Engine 6040
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Built in 1901 for Australia’s first Governor General, Lord Hopetoun using exceptional materials and workmanship, it features hand carved cedar panels, silk drapes, gold-plated fittings, etched glass panels and elaborate Victorian fittings. Used by Queen Elizabeth II in her 1954 visit to Australia. Train Works Thirlmere. Nikon D300, f3.5, 1/30sec,ISO 500, 27mm focal length equiv. 2012
C4G-027 Governor General Carriage
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