Cards 4 Guys – Greeting Cards Batch 1

The first batch of Australian blank greeting cards produced are black and white photographs.

Two photos are taken in the NSW country town of Gundagai and two are in NE Victoria. For the Gundagai images, I had been influenced by my background as a structural engineer. There are two significant heritage listed timber bridges in Gundagai – an old road bridge and a rail bridge.

Nowadays there is no railway line and the highway by passes the town. There was a very major flooding of the area in the 1852 which resulted in 89 deaths or about a third of the population of the town. The town was rebuilt on higher ground. The building of the road and rail bridges were forced to be raised above the flood plains of the Murrumbidgee River. The flood plains are wide and this resulted in the bridges being of such a length.

Both bridges used steel trusses to span the main channel of the river but the many approach spans across the flood plains used Australian hardwood in tall trestle piers. The road bridge approach spans were shorter so timber beams were used whereas timber trusses were employed for the rail bridge with the tracks on the top deck.

Other timber structures exist such as the supporting tower for the water tanks used to fill the steam engines at the station.

Large timber logs were also used to build several of the cattlemen’s huts in the high country in Victoria and New South Wales. These huts were mainly used in the warmer months when cattle were permitted to graze on the grass plains in the high country.

Many people are also attracted to old farm buildings and shearing sheds which, as they age, seem to develop a character of their own.

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A suitable choice to give to your male friends, husband, your special man, bloke, guy or son.

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The branch railway line from Cootamundra to Tumut closed in 1984 almost 100 years after being constructed. The station then fell into disrepair. During the 1990s, an old cast iron water tank was found and the timber supporting structure was built in the original style.
C4G-001 Water Tank Structure Details, Gundagai
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The railway line was extended from Gundagai in 1903 and required the construction of a long bridge across the extensive flood plains of the Murrumbidgee River. The timber truss viaduct bridge is the longest timber bridge structure in Australia and remained the longest bridge until the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1932. A 61m long steel truss bridge spans the main river. The line closed in 1984.
C4G-002 Details of timber railway bridge at Gundagai
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An interesting farm or shearing shed outside Omeo, Victoria
C4G-004 Farm Shed near Omeo, Victoria
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Alex Guy built the hut in the late 1930s for mustering on the Snowy Plains. He acquired the use of these plains and the Wonnangatta Station in 1934. The original hut was extended in height to seven logs. The roof and chimney are clad now with corrugated iron. The internal fireplace is of a very generous size.
C4G-006 Guys Hut, Victorian High Country
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