The main items for sale within Australia are:

  1. Blank Greeting Cards (minimum quantity needed)
  2. Blank "Braidwood" Cards (minimum quantity needed)
  3. Postcards (minimum quantity needed)
  4. Prints of the images featured on this site (A4, A3 or A3+ sizes) by request
  5. Custom Framing by arrangement (limited moulding / mat board choices)
  6. Images in different formats directly from FineArtAmerica

For a PDF catalogue and order form Click HERE

Outside of Australia, images displayed on FineArtAmerica may be purchased directly through FineArtAmerica.

They can supply different sizes, different media (eg print, canvas, acrylic block, greeting cards) as well as matted and framed images.

Click HERE to transfer to FineArtAmerica.