Entries and Successful Images entered in various Photo Competitions.

Fifty top images were selected from all entries in this competition and these were printed and displayed in an extended exhibition.

My image of the shell trails in the sand at the bottom of a shallow salt water rock pool at Bawley Point NSW was one of the 50 selected.

PWK 20110514 0087

“Optimistic Australians”

Racquel and Leigh are two young people of different backgrounds developing a strong friendship in an open, accepting and evolving multicultural Australia.

They represent all that is good in this country including the willingness to join together to care about our environment – as represented by the central image of the classic Scribbly Gum. The random zig-zag lava trails also represent the many pathways and possibilities ahead of them.

The third image depicts the couple looking into the future with uninhibited joy and optimism.

I thought it was a good idea - but it didn't seem to get anywhere.

For more images from this shoot see

Rac Leigh tryptch1A

I put a few images into this competition. The concept was that an International group of Judges decided on the top 101 photos. These were to be combined into a book.

Additionally from the entries, the overall award for the top photographer would be given to that person whose combined score for four images was the highest.

Christian Fletcher of Australia won the top award but I was thrilled to get one image into the top 101.

See webpage for more information.

ILPOY Bookcover

My image was taken along Blue Rag Firetrail of the aftermath of the 2013 major Alpine bushfire that started to the north of Mt Feathertop and spread over nearly a month some 40 kms to the south.


I managed a Bronze Award for this hand held panorama (5 or 6 stitched images) taken from The Horn lookout on Mt Buffalo Victoria shortly after sunrise.

MtBuffalo1 large

I managed to win the inaugural Myrtleford Festival Photographic Competition in 2013 with this triptych of scribbly gum trees.

Myrtleford 2013 winner